Soul Destroyers - Blow Your Top Pt 1

Funky version of “Mellow Down Easy” with slightly different lyrics.  A CLASSIC, but recent, funk 45.

Willie Cobbs - You Don't Love

The original Willie Cobbs version of this often covered classic.

Sugar Boy Williams - Little Girl

First learned of this from a compilation at the radio station, so I had to track down an original 45 of it.  Amazing R&B.

Paula Lamont - A Beatle Meets A Ladybug

Here is an odd one.  At first I thought it was novelty, but its actually quite haunting and amazing, almost sister funk even.

Joyce Williams - I Don't Want Your Love

Fantastic soulful side by the same Joyce Williams that did ‘The First Thing I Do In The Morning’.

The Olympics - I'll Do A Little Bit More

One of my favorite northern-ish records.  Goes over well to just about any audience too.

Chris Clark - Whisper You Love Me Boy

My favorite from Chris Clark, and probably my favorite version of this motown classic.

Maggie Thrett - Soupy

Another Soulelujah classic.  I’ll be DJing there tonight…don’t miss it, if you are in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Bobby Byrd - Signed Sealed Delivered

Another for the infamous new covers mix?

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Marc Aryan - Liberte

A Soulelujah CLASSIC!